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History of Col's Calibre

Centre For Communicative English Personality and IELTS

Col’s Calibre, centre for Communicative English, was established in 1997. It is the brainchild of Col. P. Jeyaraj who has long years of experience in Training & Development activities. The centre was started to help the educated youth communicate better especially in English. Though it started as a Commercial Training & Coaching Centre it always has the interests of the poor and the downtrodden Unannounced, a lot of activities are going on to help such people quietly. Where needed, Free Training is being organized.


Certain Highlights

(a) A large number of awareness seminars have been conducted in schools and colleges to help the youth, communicate well. These seminars have always been well received.

(b) Col’s Calibre is in constant touch with some orphanages where school going children are living. Regular attempts are made to help them in their education.

(c) Col’s Calibre though functioning with its head office at a city, has its heart mainly in the ‘Rural Area’. Therefore as a part of our ‘Social Responsibility’ we participate in Blood Donation Camps. We also contribute money & efforts in organizing such camps.

(d) Regular live TV programmes in Local channels at Coimbatore are conducted to infuse confidence in the youth. There is tremendous awareness among the youth on Skills required for Nation Building.

(e) Many of our programmes have been covered in Newspapers like The Hindu & Indian Express

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Communicative English

‘Communicative English’ is a 100 hrs course that helps students to communicate correctly, efficiently and elegantly.


Global Communicative English

Global Communicative English targets students with reasonable language proficiency aiding them in mastering the language further.


English for IELTS

English for IELTS is a training programme for candidates appearing for IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


English for TOEFL

English for TOEFL is a training program for candidates appearing for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).