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Col's Calibre Strategy

Pedagogy of English Language Training has been contentious from time immemorial. Infinite systems have been adopted by numerous people and organizations. Col’s Calibre has the most systematic approach to English language teaching, IELTS, TOFEL and OET training for bringing our participants to their best in a very short time.


Phase – 1:

Fundamentals of the language are emphasized, keeping in mind that these are the building blocks and the very foundation of English. Hence, as a cardinal step, grammar,usage, phonetics, Idea Generation are taught A to Z in phase – 1.

Phase – 2:

As the second phase of training, the students are made to write essays on general topics as they receive guidelines mandatory to produce effective essays.

Phase – 3:

The third phase is marked with the commencement of speaking "face – to –face" with our trainers. Once again, the inputs required are delivered systematically. Group discussion is a major part of this phase that aids the students come out of their shells. After the final fine-tuning, they are encouraged to make a presentation which gives them confidence to face a large audience.

Phase – 4:

Communicative English Training would be incomplete if one is not trained to hone the Listening and Reading skills. Col’s Calibre has its own drills for bringing our students,sometimes,to near perfect Listening and Reading skills as evidenced by a large number of Band 9 scores in Listening and Reading modules in IELTS.



Communicative English

‘Communicative English’ is a 100 hrs course that helps students to communicate correctly, efficiently and elegantly.


Global Communicative English

Global Communicative English targets students with reasonable language proficiency aiding them in mastering the language further.


English for IELTS

English for IELTS is a training programme for candidates appearing for IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


English for TOEFL

English for TOEFL is a training program for candidates appearing for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).