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Col’s Calibre, the market leader in Coimbatore is the ‘BRAIN CHILD’ of Col (Retd) P Jeyaraj
Who has more than 30 years of experience in ‘Training and Development’ activities.

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Col (Retd) P Jeyaraj

Col (Retd) P Jeyaraj is a retired Army Officer. He served in the Armed Forces for 28 years from 1969 to 1997 in various capacities.

After retirement, he indulged himself in Computer Training for a few years, training the Rural Youth. His close observation revealed that our youth in ‘Rural Areas’ and from the lower strata of society find it difficult to communicate in English and therefore he started concentrating on Communicative English Training and through that, building up confidence. He has made special efforts to train Teachers as he believes Strategy, Drills and well-trained Teachers can transform the whole country.

Col (Retd) P Jeyaraj knows that there is a lot to be done and achievements are not enough to bring about a major change. He is looking for opportunities to reach out to the whole country especially the Rural India. He has also organized training programmes in Rural Areas like Theni, Bodinayakanur and many other places in Tamilnadu to train the youth from those Rural Areas

Director’s Message

People say that English is a 26 letter wonder; I would add that it is a 44 sounds magic. Learning English, if done systematically based on a clear strategy and well laid down language drills and executed by thoroughly trained trainers is not at all a long-term process as people generally think.

The process of learning to communicate correctly, effectively, elegantly, confidently, fluently and most importantly gracefully could be as short as 100 hours or as long as 200 hours for someone who has had normal schooling or collegiate education.

This fact may not be appreciated by many because such an effective Communicative English training is not seen anywhere in the world. It might sound arrogant and exaggerated but fortunately for India, we have proof of what our capability is. Col’s Calibre is a living proof of the efficacy of our claim.

We are yet to fail even in a single case where we have not been able to train a normally educated student or a professional. There are also cases where we could train them right from the alphabet to enable them to reach reasonable standards.

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